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Lawyer & Journalist Olaf Kretzschmar is a member of the AGLA, the Australian German Lawyers Association. This organization helps members to exchange ideas and knowledge relevant between different cultured and juridical systems. Olaf Kretschmer already worked in Sydney's AGLA office and is well versed in all its activities and functions.

In case you intend to open or start up a business "down under" or vis-versa are interested to expand your business ventures into o the German market, OLAF Kretzschmar is here to assist and guide you in all legal aspects of your business intentions.

Peoples Republic of China

Confucius says: "He who copies the masters, honours them."

This quote is rather relevant and based on the wisdom of Confucius who lived 400 BC. He was one of the most influential Chinese scholar and thinkers and the founder of Confucianism. This saying might explain, however not justify why copyright laws and intellectual property are permanently violated in modern day China. To copy is to honour.

Since China has joined the World Trade Organization on the 1st of January 2001, China has changed significantly. Under Mao no law was taught, however currently laws, policies and legislations are emergency to regulate trademarks, patents and copyright laws. China has entered many bilateral agreements with international partners to establish solid business relationships. This has led to an investment boom into China and its rapidly rising economy. The Chinese market is enormous and entering it, opens door to vats opportunities and ultimately profits. Nonetheless, concrete knowledge of law frameworks is a must and will help to avoid common pitfalls and add to business success.

Lawyer & Journalist Olaf Kretzschmar is able to assists in all Chinese-European business matters.

Modern Chinese business centres hardly differ from European cities. Nevertheless there are still fundamental political, economic, social and cultural differences between China and the Western countries world.

The European Union is above all governed by laws whereas China is still largely influenced by the philosophy of Confucius. Furthermore another obstacle is the language barrier. Not all Chinese business partners speak English.

Despite of free markets these difficulties make business relations with Chinese counterparts challenging and tricky - this goes for both sides: foreigners and the Chinese.

Attorney OLAF Kretzschmar cooperates with the Beijing-based lawyer Dr. Martin Seybold, who himself speaks the Chinese language and knows the Chinese intricacies.

You reach the Office of attorney Dr. Seybold online at

When you need help with your market entry into China or you need to register a trademark.

Or on the other hand, you are a Chinese based business in need of assistance with German partners Dr. Seybold and I can offer your business detailed advice .

The range of services offered is addressed to entrepreneurs in terms of § 14 German Civil Code (BGB).