Competition Protection Act

Competition Protection Act protects competition from unfair trade practices. Market liberalization entails the risk that some will abuse their freedom to harm competitors, consumers and the general public. The German Competition Protection Act covers every advertisement, from web sites to storefronts. Competition law regulates the common market place undertakings. In principle supply and demand should determine the price.

Often it is not a product or service, which helps a company to an impressive number of customers but the quality of a particularly appealing advertising campaign. Commercial often compare and belittle the competition. Products / service are directly name and demean and rubbish other businesses. Best example here are the PC/ Apple commercials.

Spam commercials to your email inbox often lower the reputation of a business and its achievement by the competition. The exploitation of the company’s reputation by a competitor indicates the limit of healthy competition. This is very common in the American market. Especially when it comes to IT or the automotive industries. Against these unfair practices you can prepare and more importantly defend yourself and your business.

Attorney and journalist Olaf Kretzschmar prepares an interlocutory injunction in case of an unsuccessful final notice. This can quickly stop anti-competitive and harmful behavior of competitors. Unfair trade practices require an immediate response. My strength lies in my ability to act quickly and flexibly. I can help you respond to your competitors' unfair trade practices and ensure that your own business decisions comply with the German Competition Protection Act.

I check and evaluate your advertising strategy in regards to competition conformity to ultimately prevent a costly warning by a competitor. Your advertising and marketing should be effective by being efficient, attractive, remarkle and outstanding – but above all - fair.

By receiving a final warning and notice, you have become aware that your action maybe anticompetitive. The cease and desist declaration requires a formal obligation. Before you sign any affidavit or agreement of forbearance, the fact of anticompetitive behaviour should be clearly analysed. Is your competition accusing you rightfully or a re they basing their casse on thin ground? I advice you on the correct response to the accusation at hand.

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The range of services offered is addressed to entrepreneurs in terms of § 14 German Civil Code (BGB).