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Cost Calculator

Think risk minimisation.
This easy to use cost calculator enables you to quickly determine costs in relation to court proceedings and solicitor fees. The calculator helps to establish if it worth your while pursuing the matter in front of the courts. The calculator gives you an accurate overview that factors in all variable costs that may occur. In case your case is not successful, you can anticipate how much you will be out off pocket.

Knowing the possible costs of a lawsuit enables you to decide if pursuing such proceedings is worth taking the financial risk.

Court cost calculator

Proceedings cost calculator

Solicitor Fees

The calculator is useful to determine how much The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) charges in regards to the international registration of IR-Brands.

Imagine the following scenario: You would like to register your brand ip internationally with the WIPO. WIPO's calculator lets you determine before you fill in an application form how much it will cost you. Using the WIPO Fee Calculator is quick and simple and determines the amount of brand investment in each individual country.

Fee Calculator

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