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As a new or existing business you have not created a brand logo that ultimately differentials your business from your active competitors. Brand recognition is absolutely vital for your business to be financially successful. You should create an image that has a long-lasting effect. To do so why not consult- partner with the following advertising agency.
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pepesale gmbh
Samwerstraße 20
24118 Kiel
Tel. 0431 - 239 54 77 designs an absolute eye-catcher with your business goals in mind that will create a long-term image with your customers that surely is memorable and long lasting.

Dammholz & Co - a leading law office in European - Australian legal matters

Dammholz & Co is recognised as a leading international law firm specialising in Australian and European commercial and business law, company law, property law as well as international succession and family law, personal injury and accident law and is providing notarial services.

Dammholz & Co offers legal services by fully qualified lawyers with work experience in Europe and Australia and admittance to various European and Australian courts.
Whilst the firm’s head office is in Sydney, branch offices have been established in Brisbane (Queensland) and Perth (Western Australia) with further branches and sub-branches projected for the future.

Dammholz & Co - and its corporate clients - is assisted by Dammholz Services Pty Limited, a company with broad experience in all administrative matters and expertise in business management.
You plan to establish your business in Australia ? Dammholz & Co. as one of Australia's foremost international law firms, specialising in European law, in particular the law of the German speaking countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) act on your behalf Dwn Under.

All areas of Australian and European law

Flexible personal service

Reasonable fees and cost arrangements
Notarial services (internationally recognized and no scale fee restrictions)
Communicating in English and German
Offices in Sydney (NSW), Brisbane (Queensland) and Perth (Western Australia)
Affiliated offices in Germany and close connections with several European law firms
Provision of administrative and managerial services for businesses through an affiliated service company

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Law-Firm Dr. Seybold

Do you need advise to enter the Chinese market?
Solicitor Martin Seybold supports businesses to successfully invest into the ever-growing Chinese market. By doing so he also answers all questions in relation to IP-protection. The law-firm provides clients with tailor-made solutions to unique and complicated issues. This expertise is pivotal to successfully establish and operate your business in a linguistically, cultural and political challenging environment.
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Insa Candrix

Your residence is designed by a professional architect, your business works with competent consultants that are beneficial. Why not use a professional to enhance your own personal appearance?

Personal styling is an effective way to enhance your professional and personal success. Men and women alike are time short and often seek assistance to improve their own professional image. Insa Candrix is able to comprehensively consult with you and offers a variety of services to you. From personal styling suggestions, to a competent shopping service- all tailor-made for your individual needs and tastes.
Her list of customers includes corporate clients, self-employ business operators and employees from all walks of life.
Insa Candrix
Stylist Image Consulting, Personal Styling & Coaching

PR-Agentur PR4YOU - We get you into the media!

You are looking to successfully deliver your compunction goals:

- experienced PR and Media advisors with terrific know-how
- Experienced specialists for all facets of on-/offline media
- Creative and professional writers

You expect:

- Top quality
- Highly effective campaigns / strategies that capture the imagination and attention of your target audience and beyond
- A competent and trustworthy business relationship
- Clearly defined quotes, terms and conditions at fair prices

Then you should contact us.

PR-agency PR4YOU is located in Berlin and offers a comprehensive range of PR- services. PR4YOU has been operating since 2001. The agency’s clients list include co-operations, businesses and sole traders from all over Germany, Austria and Switzerland. PR4YOU offers all the essential elements of a PR campaign: from message development and positioning strategy to operational implementation. And, of course, expert counsel and guidance at reasonable prices suiting your budget.
We become an extension of the executive team. Our clients are some of the brightest stars in their respective industries. What we do: get their stories told and open doors that lead them to new business opportunities. We're happy with our work only when it exceeds our clients' expectations.

Capital Expert

Our advisory service: Holistic and independent

As independent operators in the market we are shield from conflict of interests. We don’t represent a particular bank, insurance provider or superannuation fund. We select a product plan that best suits your needs and goals. By carefully analysing a need we can appropriately match a situation with the best possible outcome.
Our mission is to present relevant Investment products in a transparent way, so we are able to offer you the most appropriate solution. Your needs and requirements are of the highest priority.
As a company you benefit in particular from our know-how in regards to available superannuation plans and schemes that are available to your staff.
Our approach is to personalise these outcome by talking to each individual staff member about their specific goals and aims. Thus you position yourselves as an employer of choice that caringly looks after its staff in the most professional manner. Of course we also cater for business owners, directors and other leading personnel.
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The range of services offered is addressed to entrepreneurs in terms of § 14 German Civil Code (BGB).