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Businesses that like to expand their existing business activities into Europe and especially into Germany naturally face a set of challenges. A different legal system poses many questions. However, business decisions often have to be made quickly in order to stay ahead of the competition.

Small to medium sized businesses usually do not have their own legal team.

The solution to this problem is to engage the services of a competent law-specialist on a needs to know basis instead of complicated and time-consuming in-house training.

This is in 2 ways beneficial: Cuts time and costs.

IP SERVICE INTERNATIONAL is the expert in its fields with a solid range of experiences and qualifications that enable you, the client, to quickly access much needed information.

All you need is a close working relation-ship with our law-firm that guides you all the way:

  • Trademark protection
  • Competition law
  • Copyright
  • Media and Press Law
  • International Business Consulting - eg
    - Australia
    - China
  • Vertragsgestaltung

The above areas are all interrelated and are essential to successfully enter the diverse European Market. It is pivotal to consult with an experienced law-firm in order to make insightful decisions so the future is yours. An on-going trust based relationship takes the guess work out of the process and lets you steer your business into the right direction. Your business is set up properly and your business goals can be achieved without any unknown pressures or negative surprises. This is in particular important to small and medium sized business that cannot afford any mishaps. Once done rightly- always done correctly. This is the core essence of IP SERVICE INTERNATIONAL business services.
Your success is our absolute aim.

The range of services offered is addressed to entrepreneurs in terms of § 14 German Civil Code (BGB).